What to do if I lose my ID credit card?

A lost document or wallet with documents can cause a lot of problems to the owner, regardless of how we lost the documents through theft or our own loss we should always reserve the documents.

Where can I report the loss of my ID card?


The lost document should be immediately reserved in the national panel database, we can do it in three ways:

  1. Report the loss of ID in any bank – every bank in Poland has access to the Polish Bank Association, this institution maintains a register of restricted documents, regardless of whether we have an account in a given bank, we can reserve documents smoothly in any branch.
  2. Report theft/loss of documents to the police – Regardless of reporting the loss of a document at the bank, it is also worth reporting to the nearest police station, especially if you are sure about the theft of our documents.
  3. Report the lack of proof in the office – It is necessary to obtain a new document, you must report the loss of the current city office, the lack of regionalization means that we can do it in virtually every office, however, it should be remembered that also in this office we will have to collect the proof in person, due to sensitive data only we can do it, no third party can collect the evidence for us, even on the basis of a power of attorney

Why should I report lost or stolen documents?


The identity card not only confirms our personal data, citizenship and the whole identity but is also required in every financial institution and not only when concluding and signing various types of contracts.

When it falls into the hands of an unauthorized third party, there is a high risk that an unwanted loan or contract, e.g. for subscription services in the telephone network, will be taken on our data.

To avoid this type of situation, you should always immediately report the loss of a document and obtain a new one, remember that obtaining an ID card is free for every citizen and also legally obligatory towards us.

What if someone takes a loan for my lost ID?

You must first determine whether the commitment was made before we reported the loss of our evidence or later after the document was restricted, in each of these cases it will be required to write a letter declaring to the lender that it was not us who made the commitment along with a brief explanation and report the case to the police to initiate proceedings against the person who has scammed our data.

Unfortunately, according to BIK statistics, more than 75% of people who have experienced a similar situation in identity theft, find out about the case only from a debt collection letter or even from a bailiff after a long time when the execution is taking place, then clarifying the whole case can be stressful and time consuming for us due to proceedings already initiated.

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