What is a Credit Checker – How do I use it?

Lending companies more and more often meet the expectations of customers and implement new forms of encouraging them to use their services specifically one of them is the GFIC check just mentioned – the possibility of physically receiving cash in any post office without a bank transfer.

How does the GFIC check work?


For people who do not have a bank account or people looking for a loan without affecting their account, incurring a liability is a challenge, the GFIC check that comes with the help of paying a loan in cash without the need for a verification transfer and paying the debt to a bank account comes in handy.

The GFIC check is exactly a form with a code that allows us to collect cash in any Polish post office, for its implementation you will only need our ID card and documents confirming the conclusion of a transaction with the selected loan company (it can be a contract or a written consent for payment depending on the company.

We will always receive one or another document), but remember that a GFIC check cannot be processed by a stranger, we must appear in person at the post office.

How do you pick up a loan with a GFIC check?


Applying for a loan online with a GFIC check is simple and it should not be difficult for us, most credit processes in non-bank companies are simplified to the maximum, step by step the receipt of a loan with a GFIC check looks as follows:

We choose the offer of the given loan institution offering withdrawals by check

We fill out the loan form with your details

In the loan application/form we select the option to pay using the “GFIC check”

After a positive credit decision on the part of the loan company, a courier is sent to us with the loan agreement to be signed

At the courier, we show him our ID and other documents for which we were asked at an earlier stage by the loan company to verify our data

After signing the loan agreement, the courier leaves us a copy of the agreement and a GFIC check, usually, it is activated up to 30 minutes after the courier left it to us

After receiving the check, we go to the nearest branch of Good Finance or Good Credit to collect cash, please note that we will have to pay a fee of USD 13 in advance.

That’s all, cash is in your hands?

The loan with the GFIC check is addressed mainly to people who do not have a bank account or want to avoid being withdrawn to this account for various reasons.

Fees related to the GFIC check


The only fee we incur in connection with the payment by GFIC check is USD 13, regardless of the amount we choose and the duration of the loan, we make only one fee for collecting funds at the post office. The fee is small (USD 13) and charged in advance when making the check when we collect money at the post office.

A loan with GFIC check – where can I get it?

Loan for a GFIC check – summary

The GFIC check, just like any payment method, has its advantages and disadvantages, it is definitely a good solution for people who are looking for a loan paid in cash (even because of bailiff seizure on the account) or simply for people who do not have a savings and settlement account in a bank, and there are still a lot of such people.

The low amount of the USD 13 fee and the quite high flexibility of this solution encourages more and more people to use this method of withdrawing funds from the loan agreement.

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