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Stunning Bob Haircuts with Edgy Looks

There is so much to admire from the bob haircuts, ranging from the colour to the patterns of the wave, especially the strong vibe exemplified by this style. The bob haircuts are universal styles that are most preferred by busy women professionals. Start your journey here to styling up with bob haircuts by reading these bob haircut concepts.


Discover the Secret of Beauty by Trying These Beautiful Bob Haircuts


  1. Cool Auburn Choppy Angled Bob with Curve Waves

This haircut is the trendiest this year. Loved by many women because of its blend of natural red hair and auburn dye colours. The waves amplify the liveliness of the style with the bends augmenting its texture and implausible movement.

  1. Messy Brunette Bob with Short Bangs for Fine Hair

Be exceptional and stand out with this ridiculous haircut. You don’t have to be seen with the same style like everyone out there; you can change and get an entirely new look with messy brunette bob. The hairstyle perfectly suits the models with a thin face.

  1. Delightful Copper with Red & White Balayage

It is undeniably that red and copper blend perfectly well to bring out that beautiful hair look. This style is ideal for the medium to thick hair and always stays intact all the day long.

  1. Astounding Blonde, Brown and Beige Ombre

The beautiful composition of light and dark shades is a fashionable style and very lovely. You cannot pass by without drawing the attention of everyone around you when styled in this manner. It is the latest gorgeous style in town. Visit your salon to advise you on your best shades to use.

  1. Thriving Inflamed Bob with Flowing Waves

Just a blink of an eye on this style and I capture an expression of an outgoing personality. This hairstyle is quite ideal for the light skin tones. If you prefer the up-style fashion, it is simple as you need only the thick waves and colour reflections.

  1. Old-Fashioned Exciting Rectilinear Bob

It is 1960’s bob which has been improved by including a jittery twist. At the rear end, the piled hair is directed on the position to the back at the centre. However, the nape is not cut to create space for the stacked layers but instead it is clipped.

  1. Chunky Twists on Medium Bob Haircuts

The hairstyle if well created, creates an illusion of thick hair. General wave used and the blonde highlights the trimmings making them look thick especially on fine hair. The texture is enhanced at the tips to make them appear uneven and modishly edgy. The hairstyle is ideal for the models with light skin to look more relaxed and accentuate the natural appearance.